Tom D’Arcy


D.O.B: 16/05/1997

Currently living: Nottingham, UK

Sponsors: Tempest Brand; Social Bike Co


How did you get into BMX?
Doing wheelies on the park

Best memory on a BMX?
Spending the day with Premium UK on Ride to glory 2013. Getting to meet and ride with Connor Lodes was so crazy

Where do you usually ride?
My local park at Long Eaton, or street in Nottingham

Who do you usually ride with?
Charlie Macnamee, Ricky England, Richard Challenger and Sam Marden

Favourite place you have been to with your bike?
I haven’t really been anyway too amazing but Scotland when I was younger was pretty good.

Favourite riders?
Garrett Reynolds, Sean Ricany, Devon Smillie, Alex D, Billy Perry, Grant Germain

Favourite feeling trick?
Crank arm grinds, feeble hardways, nollie barspins

Any funny / interesting stories?
It was pretty funny when these two teachers got their tits out for a challenge on ride to glory haha.

Any other words / shout outs?
Cheers Rob for everything so far! And follow @pdsiibmx on Instagram, safe