Steijn Leijzer


D.O.B: 08-11-1991

Currently living: Arnhe, Netherlands

Sponsors: Social bike co. and Dante bikes


How did you get into BMX?
I got into bmx together with my good friend Daan van Wezel and nephew Dion Leijzer. We used to ride crappy mountain bikes and dig little trails, jump curbes and ride some little skateparks. Then we saw a Dave Mirra edit on Youtube and we were sold. I saved up all summer for a GT bike and I’ve been riding ever since.

Best memory on a BMX?
Definitely going to the bmx worlds for the fist time in 2008 I think. That was the first time I saw all the pro riders that I’ve seen riding online and in dvd’s (I was freaking out).

Where do you usually ride?
I usually ride at the church skatepark in Arnhem during the winter and in the summer I ride everywhere my friends go. Whether it’s street, dirt or park…I’m down for anything!

Who do you usually ride with?
Daan van Wezel, Janos Baars, Milan Baars, Julius Martens, Sybren Planting and the rest of the onwies knallen crew.

Favourite place you have been to with toy bike?
Berlin, the weather was shit so we didn’t get to ride that much but that city just has an amazing atmosphere and the parties are wild!

Favourite riders?
I have a lot of different riders I would call “favourite riders”. I’ll name a few: First off Daan van Wezel because he is the homie, isn’t scared of anything and is just good guy alround. I also like to watch guys like Dan Paley, Larry Edgar and Dan Foley because they ride super smooth in my opinion.

Favourite feeling trick?
A properly clicked turndown.

Any funny / interesting stories?
Too many stories. Just ask me when you see me riding somewhere…

Any other words / shout outs?
Big shout out to Rob @ social for hooking me up with al the nice social parts and Bas @ Dante for always having my back and letting us use his awesome van for trips and what not!