Sam Marden


D.O.B: 21st February 1992

Currently living: Nottingham

Sponsors: Social Bike Co; Premium UK; Premier BMX Shop; Between Trees


How did you get into BMX?
I always had a bmx when i was a kid, i remember riding round my street jumping off my awful Argos kicker that moved every time i hit it. But what really got me into it properly was by going down the local skatepark with my school friend and riding the ramps. I learnt to jump these little hips which i rode all day and had a blast. From then on i just kept riding and having fun!

Best memory on a BMX?
A memory that sticks out for me is when i spent a couple of weeks travelling around europe in a tour bus with the motion bmx team. We rode so many rad spots, saw tonnes of sick places and all with a good bunch of people!

Where do you usually ride?
Usually one of Nottingham’s many concrete parks or street spots.

Who do you usually ride with?
Since moving to Notts for uni i have been riding with all the Notts locals.

Favourite place you have been to?
So far Copenhagen.

Favorite riders?
There are loads but i few are Dan Foley, Chase Hawk, Dan Lacey, AK, Aitken.

Favorite tricks?
I have many favourites but you cant beat a good table or turndown.

Any other words / shout outs?
Big shout out to Rob Andrews, AG and Moore Large for Hooking me up!
Social Bike Co for being Sick!
Ali Hutchinson at Between Trees for keeping my threads Fresh
Ben Green at Premier BMX for sorting me out