Ryan ‘Dawka’ Dawkins


D.O.B: 12/11/1991

Currently living: Burton on Trent, UK

Sponsors: Social Bike Co; MODE bmx shop; Moore Large & Co


How did you get into BMX?
I had a Haro Nyquist for Christmas when I was about 12 and a load of lads at school were trying tricks so I thought I’d try and I got hooked!

Best memory on a BMX?
Certain road trips like Burton trip to Skeggy was sick, Premium UK one to Newquay was bad ass!
First time appearing in a magazine?

Where do you usually ride?
Burton, Derby, or Notts but I try to go as many places as possible

Who do you usually ride with?
All the B-O-T and Derby lot like Kev, Tretty-Spaghetti Joe Gould, the Forster Bro’s, Ben Basford, K-Dub, Sven, Crack, all the lads!

Favourite place you have been to?
The USA for sure, want to go back to ride there some day

Favourite riders?
Nyquist was always big influence growing up Garrett Reynolds kills it, Van Homan is a legend, Chase Hawk bags o’ style and Ginger Matt from Burton because he nails himself every time he goes riding.

Favourite tricks?
Lookbacks, Whips, Nose wheelies, Tables, Moto’s and Trettys bloody “listen” airs hahaha

Any other words / shout outs?
Big thanks to all at Social bike Co and Moore large for hookin me up and making me part of the family. Also would like to thank Leon Stimpson for shooting photos Joe and kev for filming and thanks to everyone who make my life amazing on and off the bike :)

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