Kadeem Eiland


D.O.B: June 30th 1995

Currently living: Apeldoorn,The Netherlands

Sponsors: Dante Distrobution, Social and Eclat


How did you get into BMX?
I started racing when I was 12, I was already trying to do tricks on that bike so eventually I quit and bought a freestyle bmx

Best memory on a BMX?
Definantly The Masters in Cologne last year

Where do you usually ride?
Mostly our local spots or The Church Skatepark in Arnhem

Who do you usually ride with?
The scene in my town is not that big so either with my local dudes or the “Onwies Knallen Crew” homies!

Favourite place you have been?
Barcelona for sure!

Favourite riders?
Garrett Reynolds and Devon Smillie

Favourite feeling trick?
When it works out, nosemanuals

Any funny / interesting stories?
We all got chased by the police in Cologne for being a bit to reckless, long story short, we  managed to escape through a building and ended up right next to the hostel that we stayed in.

Any other words / shout outs?
Shout-out to everyone who supports me , Bas at Dante, Dave over at Eclat and Rob at Social, You guys keep me rolling and it means the world to me!

And also a shout-out to all my homies!