Jesse Le Sommer


D.O.B: 29/05/1992

Currently living: Vilnius in Lithuania at the moment but I live in La Rochelle in France the rest of the year.

Sponsors: Social Bike, HiTcH Uk, and hook up from Monster.


How did you get into BMX?
My uncle use to be a Bmx rider, I saw him riding comps and bringing me to contests when I was young. I immediately loved it and now I’m doing it all days!

Best memory on a BMX?
Maybe the first time I’ve been on my bike and feel free to do what I want, where I want. But I can’t really chose one, Bmx gave me so many good memories..

Where do you usually ride?
At my local Skatepark in La Rochelle and also a little wood curb next to my home.

Who do you usually ride with?
Mainly with Florent Soulas, Louis Masse and some others from my city.

Favourite place you have been to with toy bike?
Probably Liverpool, then my local bakery for sure, love baguette so much.. French rules!

Favourite riders?
Matt Priest, Tyler Fernengel, Pat Casey, Kriss Kyle, Mike Curley

Favourite feeling trick?

Any funny / interesting stories?
Every time I see my grandma, she asks me when I’ll start a real sport.. Haha

Any other words / shout outs ?
Obviously Social Bike and Rob for keeping my bike fresh when I need, my other sponsors, my friends who I ride with and motivate me, the Cheers Crew, and all the people I’ve met during my travels in different countries. Love you