James Gregson


D.O.B: 6th February 1998

Currently living: Blackpool, England

Sponsors: Social Bike Co


How did you get into BMX?
Started going to the local Skatepark with my cousin then I ended up getting my first BMX the following Christmas, not stopped once since then which was 6 years ago!

Best memory on a BMX?
Social bike Co UK trip was sick!

Where do you usually ride?
The ARC, Ramp1, Warehouse, Rampworx and street in the summer!

Who do you usually ride with?
Kyle Barlow, Josh Newbold and all the Arc locals!

Favourite place you have been to with toy bike?
Milton Keynes, Scotland or Redditch.

Favourite riders?
Chad Kerley, Dan Lacey and Dennis Enarson.

Favourite feeling trick?
360s, Flairs, No Handers and ice grinds

Any other words / shout outs?
Shout out to Social bike co and Premium UK for keeping my bike fresh!