Freeloader Top Load Stem


The Stem is one of the most important parts on the bike. Keeping the bars locked in, the headset tight and connecting everything on the front end. In our opinion a stem has a few objectives; to look good, to be strong and to be a decent weight. The Social FREELOADER stem isn’t about being the lightest on the market, being available in 27 different colours or about costing £80. We just wanted to make a product that does the job. Our FREELOADER Stems are the right coin, have enough cut away to make them a sensible weight without compromising any strength and come in 3 different options; front loader, top loader and a raised loader.



  • 6061 T6 Aluminum CNC construction
  • 51mm reach
  • Recess for fork top cap
  • Solid Bolts
  • Weight: 282g
  • Available in Black, Silver, Red, Orange and Green