So I guess your all thinking, What is Social Bike Co?

Social Bike Co has been an idea floating around in 2 guys minds for the last year or so, an idea to combine their BMX riding and scene knowledge with their BMX industry knowledge to develop a line of parts and complete bikes that are not only affordable, up to date with current trends but most importantly of all do the job they was designed to do… Kill it.

This vision and dream as has been brought to life with the help of one of the UK's largest distributors, right now we know exactly what you're thinking... but let us tell you how it is;

We may not be rider owned, but we sure are rider run, and that's what is important. Every single BMX part and complete bike has been tested by our BMX riders ensuring we are bringing you the best possible products to market.

Having travelled the globe to make this possible, this brings us to where we are right now; A UK born BMX Company in the first year of its existence. We're really stoked on what we have made possible and are pretty damn sure you will be too.